The space shuttle Atlantis embarked on its last mission today.  At Sip & Savor, we would like to take a moment to honor the 135th and final flight.  This historic program has been a great influence to Americans in ways we sometimes might overlook.

Many of the products that we use daily originated for the purpose of space travel.  Staying properly hydrated and getting the right nutrition in space or here on Earth can be a challenging mission in itself.  Since the beginning of the space program, what astronauts have been packing in their space bags onboard space crafts has changed.  But even with all of the ever-changing gadgetry and technological advancements, one thing remains the same: researchers have been focused on keeping astronauts safe and healthy on the final frontier.

Hydration is key to good health for astronauts while in space, and for the rest of us, too, while going about our daily routine on our home planet.  In the early days of space travel, beverages were packaged up in aluminum containers.  Over time, more convenient forms of these products, such as powdered drinks, were developed and included with the rest of the cargo.  And now these same powdered drinks that were originally developed for convenience in space are on grocery store shelves providing that same convenience and choice for Earthlings.  Juice drinks, teas, lemonades and sport drinks are all available in powdered forms to allow you to mix it yourself!

Remember - whether you are on the moon or just hanging out in your back yard, it is always important to stay hydrated!

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