America’s Beverage Companies are Here For You

In the bottling plant. In the delivery truck. And in the grocery store. Our companies and their dedicated employees are here for you. In these uncertain and extraordinary times, our essential workers - along with those across the food, beverage and retail industry - are working every day so that Americans have access to what's essential.

America's beverage companies are working closely and tirelessly with their partners in the food supply chain to make sure food, beverages and other goods make it onto stores shelves and into Americans' homes without disruption. And as American companies, making American products, in America's hometowns, our commitment to serving our communities is unwavering and more critical than ever.

Be assured, as we do our work, we will continue to follow the guidance of all government and public health officials at the federal, state and local levels. Learn more about the steps we're taking to deliver for our communities, including beyond the products we make.

Stories from the Front Lines

Global Bottler Refresco Teams Up With Local Businesses to Help Communities Stay Safe During Pandemic

Slowing the spread of COVID-19 has involved the efforts of many parts of our community. Medical professionals, essential workers, first responders, government agencies, caregivers, charitable groups and regular citizens all have been joining in. Businesses and employees have been taking part too, and sometimes it’s their knack for figuring things out and getting them done that is just what’s needed to solve a problem.

Search For COVID Test Vials Leads to a Surprising Solution

When the need for more COVID testing of Americans became apparent, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services faced another issue: a global shortage of safe, secure “cryotubes” in which to place swab samples from patients for delivery to laboratories for testing. Their search lead to a surprising solution.

What Our Members Are Doing to Serve Their Communities

Across the country, Americans are stepping up in so many remarkable ways to help their neighbors and communities. Our companies and employees are answering the call with them. From partnering with local suppliers to help manufacture life-saving plastic surgical shields for healthcare workers, to providing critical financial support to food banks and restaurants, to donating supplies to local hospitals – the quick and innovative action by our members is felt nationwide. Learn more about how we're working to deliver and support our neighbors during these challenging times.

Supporting Frontline Workers: Coca-Cola Helps in Getting Face Shields to Michigan Hospitals

Coca-Cola in conjunction with the non-profit organization MakersRespond, donated 65,000 plastic face shields to the State of Michigan to aid medical workers.

Helping Hard-Hit Communities: PepsiCo Launches $7 Million Initiative To Help U.S. Communities Hardest Hit By COVID-19

New Program Provides Support to the National Urban League, UnidosUS and Local Nonprofits Nationwide to Help Address Rates of Infection, Joblessness and the Dearth of Vital Resources Needed in Black and Latino U.S. Communities Disproportionately Afflicted by COVID-19.

Protecting Our Employees: Keurig Dr Pepper is Working to Keep Employees Safe & Healthy

We have taken extraordinary precautions to keep our teams safe and supported, including following the guidance provided from health authorities and government agencies.

In the News

Our members have been active in their communities ensuring the safety of their employees and the health of those they serve. Learn about the ways our partners are making headlines in their work to support those in need.

When COVID-19 impacted her community. Heather believed it was important to step up and support her neighbors. Working with her Swire colleagues and brand partners, she also helped coordinate the donation of 330 cases of beverages to first responders, food banks, community outreach groups and hospitals across the state - including EvergreenHealth where some of the nation's first cases received care. Heather - Thank you and your team for being Hometown Heroes!


Our top priority during these challenging times is the health of the communities we serve across America. That is why we continue to follow the guidance of federal health agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as it relates to the production and delivery of the wide range of beverages our members make, and the well-being of our employees, consumers and customers. As for packaged food and beverages sold in stores, there is currently no evidence of food or food packaging being associated with the transmission of COVID-19, according to CDC and FDA. Below are some helpful resources and guidance from federal public health agencies.

Member Resources

ABA Members can check out our Member Resources page for tips and information regarding the coronavirus response. Below are a few helpful links from our partners as we work together to confront the everchanging landscape due to COVID-19.

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