ABA Staff

President & Chief Executive Officer

Susan K. Neely

Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Mark Hammond

General Counsel / Executive Vice President, Legal and Regulatory Affairs

Amy E. Hancock

Executive Vice President, Government and Public Affairs

Kevin W. Keane

Senior Vice President, Political Affairs

Karen Bailey-Chapman

Senior Vice President & Deputy General Counsel

Sean Krispinsky

Vice President, Media & Public Affairs

William Dermody


Barbara Ferreira

Vice President, Finance & Administration

Marie Franco

Vice President, Communications

Tracey A. Halliday

Vice President, Federal Affairs

Barbara Hiden

Vice President, Science and Regulatory Affairs

Maia M. Jack

Vice President, Global Affairs and Executive Director, ICBA

Kate Loatman

Vice President, California Government Affairs & Operations

Fredericka McGee

Vice President, Government Affairs & Outreach

Bill McManus

Vice President, Social Commitment

Patrice Webb

Senior Director, Federal Affairs

Franklin Davis

Senior Director, Administration & Membership/IT

Julya Hood

Senior Director, Communications

Lauren Kane

Senior Director, Executive Management

Nicole King

Senior Director, Government Affairs & Outreach

Steve Lodge

Senior Director, Government Affairs

David Thorp

Director, Graphic Arts & Production

Venus Adkins-Valladares

Director, Government Affairs

Sarah Doran

Director, Communications

Rachel Hicks

Director, Meetings & Events

Trudi Moore

Compliance and Contracts Attorney

Stacey L. Pine

Director, Communications

Kendal Rowe

Director, Global Affairs

Simone Soohoo

Director, Accounting

Dave Scallion

Senior Analyst, Science Research

Tongtong Xu

Manager, Social Commitment & Special Projects

Nicholas Carton

Manager, Political Affairs

Scott Greenberg

Manager, Membership & Administration

Melanie Ocampos-Barry

Manager & E.A., Legal, Science and Regulatory Affairs

Charmi Oza

Manager, Communications

Joshua Whitehead

Mailroom Coordinator & AV Technician

Ja' Franklin

Government and Public Affairs Assistant

Colin Murphy

Office & Transportation Assistant

Sam Pinner

Finance & Administration Assistant

Tina Rimbeck

Government Affairs Legislative Assistant

Claire Scott

Executive Office Assistant

Cristina Willis