Real Change for Communities Nationwide

July 25, 2017

America’s beverage companies are committed to supporting people’s efforts to reduce the sugar they get from beverages. We have listened to our consumers…

Chicago Resident Concerned

July 21, 2017

Many residents of Cook County are waiting eagerly to find out how the penny-per-ounce beverage tax will unfold and concerns are being voiced due to the…

Cook County Residents are Sick of the Constant Government Money Grab

July 19, 2017

The Chicago Tribune editorial board says residents of Chicago and Cook County are tired of politicians raising taxes to make up for government budget shortfalls…

Cook County Concerns

July 7, 2017

Last week, a judge put Cook County's penny-per-ounce beverage tax on hold until July 12th. In the meantime, county residents continue to speak out against…

Taxes Won’t Make People Healthier, Just Poorer

July 6, 2017

Even as real-world evidence shows that beverage taxes do not make people healthier, tax proponents like former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg continue…

Overtaxed in Cook County

July 5, 2017

Last November the county commissioners of Cook County, Ill., passed a penny-per-ounce tax on beverages like teas, juice drinks, sports drinks and flavored…

Promoting Solutions Around the Globe

June 22, 2017

Here at Sip & Savor, we often talk about our Balance Calorie Initiative because we’re excited to tell the story of what’s happening in the marketplace…

Soda Tax Health Claims are Unfounded

June 21, 2017

Many public health activists and lawmakers often tout that taxes on common grocery items like beverages will be the silver bullet that will solve the complex…

No Upside to Job-Killing Taxes

June 20, 2017

It was recently reported that the 1.5 cents-per-ounce beverage tax in Philadelphia is now $20 million short of its $46 million goal for the 2017 fiscal…

The Wrong Approach for Cook County

June 19, 2017

Residents of Cook County, Ill., are bracing for the implementation of a beverage tax that is set to take effect next month.