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February 1, 2012

Watch Out for the Food Police!

Put down that pudding pop. And drop your peanut butter! Step away from the jelly – slowly.

That snack you’re holding is a toxic substance. That’s right, your Valentine’s Day candy is no longer something you can be trusted to consume without the oversight of the Snack Police.

An article entitled “The toxic truth about sugar” was published in the February issue of the journal Nature, advocating more government imposed regulation at all levels to keep us from eating sugar.

We’re not talking about harmless warning labels that remind you not to walk into a bathtub full of water while holding a hair dryer plugged into an electric socket. That’s just a lawyers being lawyers. No, the frightening approach to controlling personal behavior through government imposed regulation advocated in Nature is banning people under the age of 17 from purchasing soda; banning TV ads for soda; more taxes; even zoning ordinances to limit availability of soda in certain neighborhoods.

We believe providing more options – not taking them away—is a better solution to help parents and individuals choose beverages that are right for them and their families.  The non-alcoholic beverage industry is a leader in innovation, developing new products that provide consumers with an ever-increasing selection of low- and no-calorie beverage choices. Our soft drinks range from 150 calories per 12 ounce can to 10 calories to zero calories.

The truth is, there’s a drink and portion size for every occasion and lifestyle. We hope you enjoy your freedom to choose – and decide what’s best for you.


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