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November 30, 2010

The Lame Duck: The Time Is Now for Child Nutrition and Food Safety

As the days click off on Congress’ lame duck session, there are two important consumer bills that should become law:  Child Nutrition and Food Safety.

They haven’t generated the headlines and talk show buzz that the question of whether or not to renew the Bush tax cuts has, but each bill has huge ramifications for Americans’ well-being.

Reauthorizing the Child Nutrition Act would expand eligibility to more children, update nutritional standards in schools and help make school lunches healthier. The bill also contains important language recognizing the hard work of the beverage industry in adopting nationwide standards for beverages in schools.  The Senate already has passed a $4.5 billion bill.  The House could vote this week.

The Food Safety bill, which would give the Food and Drug Administration more authority to ensure food supply safety, took a giant step forward today with overwhelming Senate passage.  We applaud the Senate action.  Now it’s time for the House to follow suit, pass the Senate bill and send it on to the White House for the president’s signature.

We at Sip & Savor hope these two important pieces of legislation make their way to final passage in these waning days of the 111th Congress.


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